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Do you make these blunders on your first dinner date?

Does your date run away from you after the first dinner date? You may be making these blunders in the restaurant. Take this quiz to find where you stand.

The wonderful date test

Do you always try to make your date wonderful and memorable? Take this teen test to get an answer.

Are you old enough to date?

By old enough, its not just about age. It relates more to your maturity level because dating can have deep consequences on your life. Find out.

What kind of dating personality are you?

Take this fun dating test to find out about your own dating personality

The ultimate dating purity test

A funny purity test for all those in the dating scene. Try it now. You will love it.

The honest date test

So people lie on their dates. Are you also like that or are you honest with your date?

How careful are you on a blind date?

Blind dates are full of surprises, both positive and negative. Take this dating quiz to find out how careful are you on a blind date.

Does online dating worry you?

Take this fun dating quiz to find out if online dating worries you.

Do you over talk during a date?

How much do you talk on a date? Excess or less? Find out with this dating quiz.

Do you make a good impression on your date?

To ensure that you go on more dates with someone, you have to make a good impression on them. Do you manage to do it? Find with this dating quiz.

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