Are you selfish in your relationship?

Are you selfish in your relationship or are you a caring and a gentle lover? Find out with this love quiz.

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  1. You love Asian food and your partner loves Italian. The last few times you both went out for dinner, you went to an Asian restaurant. Which restaurant are you likely to visit this time?

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  3. Your partner is a fan of romantic movies while you only watch action movies. What kind of movie are you likely to watch while snuggling in bed with him/her?

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  5. You and your partner are planning a holiday together. You want to go to Portugal while your partner wants to go to France. Where will you eventually go?

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  7. Do you take all the decisions in your relationship?

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  9. It is Friday night and your partner has come back from work with tears because he/she was fired. You already had plans to go out to a party with your friends. Do you go to the party or stay back and console your partner?

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  11. Your partner is away for a few days. Someone gifts you an expensive bottle of wine. Do you wait until he/she comes back or do you finish the bottle all by yourself?

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  13. Your partner's car has broken down and it will take at least a week to be fixed. You have two options. You can either drive your partner to work or let him/her manage with public transport. What would you do?

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  15. You come back home from work to realize that the food in the refrigerator is just enough for one person. What do you do?

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  17. You have a considerable amount in your joint account with your partner to spend from. You

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