Do you take risks in life?

Some people love taking risks and following their hearts while some people are risk averse and put a lot of thinking and logic in their decision. Which one are you? Find out with this quiz.

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  1. Your friend tells you about a lucrative investment scheme that he/she has been investing in since many years. Would you take a chance?

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  3. At the end of your first date, you are about to say goodbye and are unsure whether your date wants to kiss you or not. You

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  5. How many times have you indulged in sports like bungee jumping or sky diving?

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  7. You have recently received a large bonus at work. What would you do with the money?

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  9. On your first date with a new partner, you can either go to your favorite restaurant where the food is great or you can try a new restaurant in town. Where would you go?

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  11. You have been offered a new job that pays a lot more than what you are paid in your current job. The new job will require you to move to a different country. Would you take it?

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  13. You are asked to make a crucial decision that can directly affect the cash flows of your company. What are you likely to do?

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  15. You've always wanted to do a business of your own but never got around to doing it. You meet an acquaintance who shares the same interest as you and asks you if you'd be willing to quit your job and start a business together. What are you likely to do?

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  17. You hate your job because you have massive fights with your boss almost every day. What would you do?

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