Do you know how to handle awkward situations?

We all face awkward situations in our lives, don't we? Some of us get embarrassed and shy while others have the guts to laugh it off. How well can you handle awkward situations? Find out with this fun quiz.

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  1. You unintentionally kissed your best friend of the opposite sex when you both were drunk in a party the previous night. What do you say when you meet him/her the next day?

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  3. You are in a boardroom meeting attended by the CEO and other top bosses of your company when someone notices that you are wearing two different colored socks. What do you do?

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  5. You are sitting in a quiet classroom or a meeting at your workplace and you pass air loudly to everyone's apparent notice. You

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  7. You are with a group of friends at a party and you crack a joke but no one laughs or finds it amusing. How would you react?

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  9. You've just had an ugly breakup with your partner and you bump into him/her at a party. How do you react?

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  11. You unintentionally walk into to a busy toilet of the opposite sex at your school, college or workplace. How would you handle this situation?

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  13. You accidently send a very private and intimate email meant for your partner to the entire office. What would you do?

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  15. You are at a friend's house where you walk into a bedroom and find her in bed with someone. What do you say?

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  17. You are gossiping about your teacher or your boss only to suddenly realize that they were right behind you listening to what you were saying. How do you react?

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