Do you keep your promises?

Promises are meant to be broken, goes a famous quote. But you shouldn't be breaking promises every day. Find out if you keep your promises or not with this quiz.

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  1. An acquaintance tells you a secret on the condition that you promise not to tell anyone. Will you tell the secret to a close friend if he/she promised that they will keep it a secret?

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  3. Do you believe in white lies? If yes, how often do you use a white lie to get out of a sticky situation?

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  5. You promised a colleague that you would help him/her with a task at work. But eventually, you are unable to do so because of lack of time. You

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  7. Do you generally reach your appointments on time?

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  9. You promised your roommate that you will help clean and tidy up the house today, which you hate doing. What are the chances that you will do it today?

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  11. Have you ever cheated in a relationship?

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  13. You decided to watch a movie with friend which you happened to watch on the Internet just a day before seeing it with him/her. You

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  15. Do your friends generally consider you to be a trustworthy person?

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  17. Suppose you are a salesman and a customer is about to buy a product that will result in a big fat bonus for you. Whether or not the customer returns the product later on does not affect your bonus. Before paying the bill, the customer asks you if you can deliver it within 24 hours but you know you can't. You would

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