Are you a patient person?

A person who has patience can generally weather all the storms that life has to throw at him/her. They say that patience is a virtue. Do you have this virtue? Find out if you are a patient person or not, with this personality quiz.

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  1. You are waiting in line to pay the bill at a gas station. You

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  3. How well can you manage to drive in traffic jams while driving to work?

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  5. Do you generally expect everyone around you to do what you want, right away?

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  7. You are in a hospital's waiting room and there seems to be a long wait. How often do you go up to the receptionist and pester him/her to know when your appointment is coming up?

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  9. You get seated at a restaurant and you have to wait about 5 minutes before the waiter serves you. What is your reaction?

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  11. You want to buy the new version of your favorite video game console. You can either buy it on sale for $600 on the Internet, but wait for 2 weeks before it is shipped off. Or you can go to your local retailer and buy it for $700, the full price. What would you do?

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  13. You are at the airport and your flight is delayed. The airline staff tells you that there will be a delay of at least half an hour but they can't tell you exactly what time boarding will commence. What do you do?

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  15. Your subordinate at work promises to bring in a report by 3 pm. At quarter past 3, you receive a call from the subordinate informing that he/she will be late by another 15 minutes. What is your initial reaction?

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  17. Do you generally expect immediate solutions and outcomes to every problem and issue in life?

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