Are you a true friend?

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Are you that true friend? Check this quiz out to know your result.

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  1. Both you and your friend need a job badly, and there is only one vacancy left, would you back out for your friend?

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  3. Your friend calls you urgently to his/her place at 3 AM in the night without explaining anything, would you go?

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  5. If you were asked your friend's favorite color, clothes, hobby, movie etc, can you answer then and there?

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  7. You are going for a very important appointment, when you hear your best friend has had a bad accident. Would you leave your appointment and head straight to the hospital?

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  9. Your friend asks you to accompany him/her to some place which you find really very boring, for one whole day. Would you go?

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  11. You discover that your friend is in a fight with 4-5 guys, would you interfere despite knowing that you may have to suffer quite a few bruises?

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  13. You have to speak a lie, in order to save your friend from some bad consequences. Would you do it inspite of knowing that it was your friend at fault?

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